Steven J. Lieberman has effectively represented clients in the parole review process. He serves and counsels clients and their families with the various aspects of the parole review process. Parole Attorney Steven J. Lieberman conducts a full investigation of the client’s background, including family, social, educational, and employment history. He investigates the facts and circumstances of the underlying conviction and the client’s prison record. He consults with the client’s family, friends, associates, and past employers for the purpose of establishing and presenting a successful support system. Parole Attorney Steven J. Lieberman presents a written “parole packet” to the Board designed to show that the client can be successful if released, and most importantly poses no risk to the community. Finally, Steven J. Lieberman requests an in-person or telephonic interview with the lead voter on the case. Contact Steven J. Lieberman for a consultation on the parole review process at or by calling 713-909-0201